This is a Panther G after knocking out a KV-1. I did some scratch building
on the KV-1 fender where it was hit. This diorama has never been seen by
the public until now.


This is another one I've not shown before till now. A King Tiger Porsche version
Looking out for enemy aircraft.


This is a Stug in Russia during X-mass.


Tank Ace Rudolf Von Ribbentrop


Another Porsche King Tiger

Bail Out of a Panzer Mark IV


Here is a Flak Gun on the 8 ton half track with a 88mm gun crew
in Russia


This Jagdtiger took some punishment, after it got stuck in the mud the crew
abandon it. The Brits come along not sure if anybody's home so they
decide to put a few rounds into it. But none penetrated the thick armor.


The Eastern Front as the Russians are getting closer to Berlin, casualties amount. The Panther is equipped with Infra red sights.


Here is a project I never finished, not sure why, its 90% done.

Anyway I was walking down a street in west Berlin's industrial area
a few days after the war had ended and as I turn the corner here is
this makeshift repair facility with a Tiger tank in great condition just
sitting there. What a gold mine!


Here is a Jagdpanther during the retreat from Russia



A King Tiger during the Battle of the Bulge being abandon after an an attack.


The Battle of Seelow Heights




Rommel in the Desert